Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekend Prediction Time? Really?

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Wow, that’s all I can say about this weekend and that’s not a good thing.  The boxing world seems to have taking the weekend off when it comes to notable fights.  Does anyone really care about James Toney fighting Bobby Gunn?  I don’t think so.  We do have the one of the many WBC belts on the line.  It’s the Silver flyweight title featuring Edgar Sosa vs. Wilbert Uicab. 

So I am going to skip over the Toney vs. Gunn fight as there will be no winners and move on… 

Edgar Sosa (44-7-0) vs. Wilbert Uicab (33-6-1) At Cancun, Mexico 4/07/2012

Fighters from the flyweight division are not generally known, but it can be a very exciting division.  Uicab is the younger fighter, but he is coming off a 12 round loss where he traveled to Japan to take on Toshiyuki Igarashi.  Some of the score cards were close, so I would imagine the fight could have gone either way with the hometown scoring that often takes place in Asia for Asian fighters.  Sosa being the elder in this fight is coming off a bounce back win against Roilo Golez.  The fight before saw him take on division legend and future hall of famer Pongsaklek Wonjongkam.  That fight went the full 12 rounds with Pong Wonj dominating the scorecards.  I would expect this to be a very close and competitive fight as this fight can dictate the future of their careers as well as a future true WBC title shot.  Both Sosa and Uicab claim they are long standing friends outside the ring, but understand only one can advance.  They seem top be in excellent condition and are promising an all Mexican war.  Let’s home so!  Winner – Fans, and Edgar Sosa

-- Devon Alexander has been slated to return on Showtime 8/18/2012 with an undetermined opponent.  Latest rumors have undefeated contender Kell Brook as a possibility.  This would be a very good and intriguing matchup.  Devon Alexander would be a big step up competition compared to who Brook has beaten in the past.  Brook looks ready for a step up in competition and Alexander has always shown a desire to fight the best.  The breaking point of this fight is going to be location.  Brook has only fought in the States one time.  Alexander makes a good point if you want to make big time money and receive big time exposure you have got to capture the US audience.  Alexander is going to have to accept that this fight can not be in his hometown of St. Louis.  I vote Vegas baby!  Let’s hope thy come to an agreement as the winner of this fight would catapult to big time contender status and possible PPV spot in their next fight.
-  Update from Dan Rafael, ESPN Boxing Expert: 
Let me explain that situation. Some folks took my tweet way out of proportion. Brook promoter Eddie Hearn asked Golden Boy about Alexander, if he was willing to come to the UK to fight Kell on July 7. Richard Schaefer countered by asking if Brook was interested in coming to the US to fight Alexander on his Showtime date on Aug. 18. Neither side was interested in the proposed schedule. Devon wont be ready to fight July 7. Kell just did a huge sellout crowd at home and wants to keep that momentum going and is not going to come to the US yet for a major fight. On top of that, Golden Boy never discussed with the Alexander camp if they were interested in Brook. Kevin Cunningham (Devon's manager/trainer) told me they have no problem with Brook but that he needed to do something notable first before they would fight him because he is totally unknown in the US so beating him does nothing for them yet, which I agree with. So neither side was ducking. They both have other plans and it was never a "negotiation." It was the promoters have a brief concersation and raising the possibility that never went anywhere.  Dan Rafael, ESPN

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