Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Does Mosley have a Shot, or Is Canelo going to shine?

Let me first start off by saying a young Sugar Shane Mosley is one of the fighters that really brought me into this sport along with the Gatti-Robinson, Gatti-Ward wars.  I am talking about the Sugar Shane that was ready to top everyone’s pound for pound list.  The guy is easily a first tier future hall of famer.  He has fought everyone and anyone around his weight class even daring to go to far north at times.

It seems every great fighter has their last Hoorah, but that might of already of happened for Shane when he beat Margarito senseless.  Since then he got beat bad by Mayweather and Pacquaio and looked pedestrian against Sergio Mora.  Mosley has reached the age of 40.  It really is quite the accomplishment.  To start when Mosley has and still be of relevance at this stage of the game is impressive, but father time catches us all.  It even catches some of us quicker than others when you put your body through some of the wars Mosley has been in.  Mosley owes us nothing, but he chooses to put his career on the line against a young champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.  I believe this is truly it if Mosley looses.  If he wins he gets to trot out there again.

Canelo has gained his stardom because of his looks in the ring and outside of it.  Make no mistake this kid can fight though.  He does not show no fear or nervousness when he steps in the ring.  He has already fought on some huge undercards even headlining his own.  He also had a split-site fight against Alfonso Gomez on the last Mayweather PPV card.  Canelo does not seem to do anything out of the ordinary, but he does everything extremely well.  He has solid power, solid chin, and good speed.  Canelo likes to put his punches together and overwhelm his opponents. 

What Mosley has going for him is his experience.  He has fought the 3 biggest names in boxing over the last 20 years in De La Hoya, Mayweather, and Paqauio.  Mosley has seen it all, so whatever Canelo brings to the table it will not impress Mosley.  Mosley still has good hand speed, one of the best chins of all time, and solid power. (Especially in the overhand right he throws.)  Brother Naseem Richardson will also be backing Mosley which adds a ton of experience.  The question is whether Mosley can still “pull the trigger”.  If Mosley does not get timid and lets his hands go, he will beat Canelo to the punch.  If Mosley does this early he has the ability to turn the table on Canelo and back him off.  Mosley is going to have to get away from the glove tapping and hugging and get back to fighting; Mosley is by far the toughest test Canelo could face. 

I am going to reserve making a pick on this fight until fight-week, but I am hoping the aging vet can bring it just one more time.

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